Creative Systems develops customized softwares according to your requirements and specifications. We specialize in :

Oracle / Developer 2000
Microsoft Visual C++
Microsoft Visual Basic
Microsoft Visual FoxPro
Microsoft Access
Micosoft/Borland/Turbo C/C++
Assembly (for x86 architecture)

You are unique and so should be your presence on the Web. We don't just help you to get on-line, we make you unique and special to get you more e-Business. At Creative Systems, Web Development becomes an art. We use state of the art tools like :

Allaire ColdFusion
Macromedia DreamWeaver
Macromedia Flash
Macromedia Fireworks
Macromedia FreeHand
Adobe Photoshop
Microsoft InterDev
Microsoft FrontPage
JavaScript (JScript)
CGI / Perl

In case you are planning to opt for automation or any other IT related solution but don't know what to do and how to achieve the coveted goal, just contact us. We provide complete consulting services, aimed at providing the best and the most cost effective solutions. Our consulting services are available for all IT areas, like :

Purchasing of Hardware
Purchasing of Software
Software Development
Web Development
Real Time Systems
Office Automation
Computer Security
Computer Training

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