Smart Security System™ ( S3™ ) is an intelligent and centralized security system for commercial / residential buildings and any other type of building or sensitive installation. It provides a comprehensive foolproof security system.

The manual monitoring of a secured area, using close-circuit cameras, is a difficult job because they neither show the nature of the problem nor automatically take proper action according to the situation. If the secured area is too large or it comprises of a multi-storey structure then it becomes even more difficult to keep an eye on every aspect of the security.

S3™ is developed to computerize the security to eliminate deficiencies and difficulties found in manual security systems. It simulates the status of the secured area in real-time, using maps. It can inform the user about security violation even by dialing specified telephone numbers and playing proper sound messages according to the situation. It uses different type of sensors to detect intruders, status of doors/windows, breaking of a glass, smoke, fire, gas leakage, etc. Different time slots can be defined to take different action depending on the time of violation. It can also be controlled remotely using TCP/IP protocol and direct modem connection. This software is fully configurable according to the changing security requirements. It is a user-friendly software that a computer literate person can operate easily after few minutes of training.

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